A Note from Sharon

Hire Sharon for Television and/or Media Events

Sharon Pugh is a well-established radio and television personality, known for her engaging Southern charm, wit, and a distinctive ability to connect with broad audiences, rendering her an ideal choice for various media events.

Sharon has played pivotal roles in two significant television pilots, collaborating with prominent production companies such as S. Pictures, Grafton Street Productions, and The Alfred Group (NBC). “Psychic Housewives,” a pilot centered on the vibrant lives of Psychic Housewives of Atlanta, is a notable project credited on IMDb.

To inquire about booking TV Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh for media engagements, please contact her through the following professional channels:

Email: sharonpugh@gmail.com
Phone: 404-437-5336

Sharon Pugh’s Film and Television Consulting “SP Production Consulting”

Bringing the utmost authenticity to the Hollywood screen and television, Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh has over 25 years of experience in the vast world of the Paranormal. She is a world-renowned, Tested, and Certified Psychic Medium and Remote Viewer. Among her credentials are:

*Published top-ranked Evidential Medium Worldwide

*Chosen in the past to work with CBS, Grafton Street Productions, and TLC

*Honored to be the Resident Medium for the famous Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania

*Proudly consulted with top law enforcement and District Attorneys on Unsolved Murder Cases that have been made into TV Movies.

*Her gift as a remote Viewer has been deemed uncanny. Remote Viewing is the ability to remotely see and hear the present and the past.

*Assisted in a genuine exorcism

The fee will be based on Travel or remote Zoom conferences and Time spent on the project or projects.